La Filosofia Nivola


Stretch it, wear it!


  • There is nothing else to say.>/li>
  • Indeed there is much to be said.
  • But it is difficult to talk about Nivola without having it in your hands, twist it, pull it, wear it and see that almost by magic, returns to its shape to fit the wrist or the finger of someone who wants to wear it. Nivola was born with the desire to innovate the world of jewelry.
  • Innovation is the word that more than any other distinguishes this project.
  • Innovation to break the mold, the static nature of ideas, beliefs.
  • Innovation to amaze and make the jewel a unique work of art.
  • Is there anything even more exclusive than all this? There is “UNIQUE” the Nivola line of jewelry made on demand from people who have dreams of to be able to achieve.
  • “UNIQUE” is a made-to-measure project in which the customers’ wishes are combined with tradition of MASI company to create a jewel based on the Nivola technology. A jewel of which there will be only one version, original and exclusive, all over the world